— Welcome to one of the 10 most beautiful campsites along the river -

    Réservation on february 1st   

      opening may 21 to  october 11, 2021   

 Covid-19: For season 2021, if government action is required, we will provide guidance


    All your senses will be enchanted       

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This campsite has everything to please even cottages and trailers for rent.

So this lovely campground located in the beautiful Charlevoix region offers you the unique opportunity to observe from up close our large marine mammals.

From a small rustic camping in its early stages, it became over the years a 4-star camping site to attract a diversified and demanding family clientele.

A unique charm of its natural site along the majestic St-Laurent River

What a pleasure to discover that at low tide, it is possible to go to the ferry terminal and the municipal beach along the seaside!

Whether comfortably installed at your site or at the observatory where you can go to relax, you can be assured of a splendid view.

Terraces perched on the side of a cliff  overlooking the sea. From your campsite you can admire and enjoy the scenery while listening the sound of the waves and letting themselves be lulled by the breath of the whales.

For the whole family

Playground and outdoor sport field

GLAMPING cottages

GLAMPING – Shelters

heated pool

GLAMPING camping trailers


  • terraces with panoramic views on the river


  • community hall with kitchenette
  • modern toilets blocks


rates 2021

All prices shown are before taxes. (can change without prior notice)

                                                                                     CAMPER GROUP: 2 adults + same family minor children (3)

 Direct Payment, VISA and MasterCard

1 service = water, 2 services = water + elect.  3 services = water + elect + sewer

1 service (water)       near the river

 $33.75  +$2.50

2 services 10A & 15A near the river

$38.25 +2.00

2 services 30A    $43.25      (river view F7 toF12  $47.95)   children over 7 y.o.

3 services 15A


3 services 20A & 30A


Terraces (water)   (One child over 12 y.o. for safety reasons)



Additional adult tent (Except section Falaise & Croissan)
(Contact us as the site must allow it as well as number of people)


Adult                                     Student (16 to 21 with card)Children (5 to 15 y.o.)

$6.75  $4.75  $3.75

Dog(by day)                         Additional car & parking

  $2.50 $3.50

 All the chalets, caravans and shelters are non-smoking & no pets are accepted

2x 19′ Trailers (located on SB8&10) (sleep 2A & 1 little child)


 22’/24′ Trailers (located on R3 & GF8 (sleep 4)


Trailer(open 26′)  (on SB12 sleep 5)


26′ to 29’ Trailers with extension (sleep 5A=  sb3 / SB6 2a 2e)

$135 & $137

Hut 1 (for 2 adults &2 children)             Hunt 2 (4Adults included)



Shelters (toilet at 5 min)


 you have to bring sheets & towels (possibility to rent $)




High Season:                                                    June 19th to September 7 2021 :                      

Low season:                                                      may 21 to june 19th & September 7  to  oct 11th 

Sunday to Thursday – 9am to 9pm                   Friday & Saturday 9am to 11pm

Rebate:                                                               Low season: 10% (+10% CAA, FQCC, Good Sam)

Non-cumulative discounts. The client must ask for his discount when booking or when paying the totality of his stay at the campsite.

The discounts of the campsite do not apply for ready to camp  (trailer ans huts)

(Minimum 2 nights, (3 nights holidays week end), accommodation taxes, GST & QST applicable 

Rates for 2 adults and 3 children +5$ additional adult 

Bring your bedding & towels (possibility of renting$)

Booking policies

  • To satisfy the maximum number of guests, we reserve a minimum of 2 nights (3 nights long week end). If you can’t book the minimum number of nights, we invite you to contact us to see the possibilities of the moment. (otherwise it will be the day before your arrival)
  • The rental price of a camping site is valid at no extra charge for a group of 2 adults and minor children of the same family.
    The client must book a minimum of 2 nights (3 nights on long weekends)   St-Jean , Confederation, Labour Day (according to calendar),
    $40 non-refundable deposit required when booking.

    For a cancellation made more than 7 days from the arrival date: we will allow to transfer the deposit to a later date without charge. No refund of deposit

     If cancelled 7 days or less from the date of arrival, the $40 deposit will not be transferable and will become a cancellation fee.
    Please notify us of any changes to your reservation at least 48 hours from your arrival date as full payment will be charged to your credit card the day before. If the customer does not show up and he has not called to cancel his reservation: his site will be kept for the same evening and 2 nights will be charged.

    If the campsite is unable to open tis doors due to a cause beyond tis control: natural disaster, pandemic, prolonged power failure: we will contact you to transfer your reservation as a later date.

    Exception: It is possible for customers who cycle camping to be assured of having a tent site for only one night.  However, a particular site cannot be guaranteed as there is no reservation in this case.

  • The Camping Falaise-sur-Mer refunds the customer who after visiting his site, is dissatisfied. However, the customer must apply for a refund within 30 minutes of arrival at the campsite. The policy does not apply to bookings of more than one site.
  • Arrival time: 2 p.m  – Departure time: 1 p.m
  • One equipment and one car per place
  • Note that the age is 12 or older on the terraces and in the edge of the cliff 7 years
  • Camper Group 2 adults and 3 children under 18 years


  • To respect neighborhood, when there are more than 2 lots rented by the same group, it is required to be very discreet all time.
  • Departures are defended with your equipment before 8am.
  • It is allowed to go to his site with a motorbike, including modified or noisy vehicles, but can not circulate before 9am or after 9 pm.
  • Place plastic, paper, cardboard boxes (broken) & glass in containers identified for recycling near the exit. Wood and metal must be placed next to the containers and not in them.  – Place household waste in containers that do not display the recycling logo. (At the exit) It is forbidden to burn your waste or leave them in the fireplace when you leave.
  • It is forbidden to wash its equipment or its car. The source of supply does not allow for waste. Water is reserved for personal consumption.
  • Electrical heating is tolerated in small equipment that has no other heating source. However, it is very important to manage the use of it, which can take the total current rating, provided on the site.
  • Bicycles must travel within 10 km and only with clarity Also max speed by car is 10 km
  • Do not move the fireplace and replace the table after your departure (fees can apply)
  • All times your music should only be heard on your site only and after 9pm it is required to whispering.
  • Curfew: 11:15 pm silence and whisper •  No vehicle after the curfew
  • Dogs on leash at all times &dog poop picked up (bags available) Do not leave your animal alone on site
  • Management is not responsible for damage caused to the camper’s equipment by fire, theft, accident vandalism, lack of electricity or falling trees.(But we assure you the best of ourselves to help you in your steps)
  • Management may amend these regulations and add others without notice.
  • The management reserves the right to expel, without refund, a camper or visitor whom it deems, in its discretion, undesirable or a person or group that does not comply with these regulations

To stay out of the ordinary and a warm welcome, we expect you at the Camping Falaise-sur-Mer

Book now

 Thank you to book with us! 

A minimum of 2 nights are required to make a reservation. The long weekends, 3 nights are required

Please read the booking and cancellation policy before proceeding below.

                                                                          Note that dogs are prohibited in cottages and ready-to-camp trailers                                                                         

camp site: check-in 2 o’clock | check-out :1  for ready-to-camp: check in 3 o’clock check-out: 11

In ready-to-camp, bring your bedding and towel

In the choice of services, check ‘water only when you want ‘without services

Camp sites are for 2 adults & minor children of the same family(3) 

To register additional persons & animal, please add them to step 2 of your booking.

Important: If you experience problems when booking online, please contact us: info@camping-falaisesurmer.com


Note that you will be contact or call automatically if your reservation does not meet the criteria requested

Pour nous contacter/To contact us :

Téléphone/Phone : 418-638-3838
Sans frais/Toll free : 1-888-638-1441
Courriel/Email : info@camping‑falaisesurmer.com
Numéro d'établissement : 208154